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NASA will announce an important discovery about the moon. The conference is on Monday

NASA periodically holds conferences where it announces groundbreaking discoveries on the most important issues in space exploration. More recently, it was the discovery of water on Mars, gaining evidence of the possibility of life on Enceladus and Europa, the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, as well as the Trappist system, where exoplanets orbit the star, on which there may be conditions for life to flourish.

Recycling of solar panels means that they can work even for ... 1200 years

First Solar not only provides modern green methods of obtaining energy, but also thinks about the future, focusing on recycling the vast majority of materials used in their production. This is especially true at the moment we are now, as the first generation of solar panels is fast approaching the end of life, which will become a serious problem in the next decade. It should be remembered that the increasing use of solar panels means that we are also increasing electronic waste - those from solar energy production by 2030 may account for as much as 16% of the total.

Microsoft will create clouds on the moon. SpaceX will help him in this

In the 1920s, the first hotels for space tourists are to be built in Earth's orbit, and the first bases on the Moon. Inhabitants will need high-speed Internet access, access to powerful cloud computing, and many specialized technologies useful for research work.

Disney Plus warns that its productions are ... racist. What is this all about?

Several of the older Disney movies and shows, often hailed as cartoon classics, are now shown with non-skipable content that reproduces racial stereotypes. - This program contains negative images and / or mistreatment of people or cultures. These streotypes were bad then, and they are bad now. However, instead of removing this content, we want to admit its harmful impact, learn from it and start a conversation about a better common future for all of us. Disney is dedicated to creating stories with inspiring and aspiring themes that reflect the diversity of human experiences around the world - such words are included in the 12-second message that is displayed, for example, in front of the Aristocrats, Peter Pan, Dumbo and the Swiss Robinson family.

Test tube meat can be full of plant nutrients

Beta carotene is a safe form of carotene because our body processes only the amount it needs. It contributes to the protection against microorganisms, has an antioxidant effect and has a positive effect on the functioning of the eyesight and the immune system. In short, we need it, so scientists believe that enriching meat produced in the laboratory with it will bring benefits, especially tens of millions of people around the world suffer from vitamin A deficiency. It is extremely severe in children and contributes to the fact that almost half of the a million of them lose their eyesight because of it.

This bizarre robot will soon deliver you pizza and parcels

Already, many people with health problems or seeking help in public places are operated by machines. They are much smarter than humans and have much more knowledge. In the future, none of us will ever imagine our lives without robots.

YouTube sharply banishes misinformation about CoVID-19 vaccines

In a relevant entry on its blog, YouTube admitted that it will remove from its website all videos containing disinformation about the Covid-19 vaccines, thus extending the rules of the fight against lies and conspiracy theories regarding the pandemic. Consequently, any video whose author uses information that is contrary to WHO or local authority guidelines will be banned. YouTube immediately explains that it is also about preaching the theory that the vaccine will kill people, cause infertility, or that microchips will be implanted with it.

We are still evolving. An extra artery is developing in more and more people

Such revelations come to us from scientists in Australia. At Flinders University and the University of Adelaide, research was conducted into the current processes of human evolution. It turns out that it is progressing so surprisingly quickly that you can even see it with the naked eye. Scientists have found that more and more of us are developing an extra artery.

Europeans tired of the coronavirus pandemic, WHO warns of fatal consequences

Since the coronavirus hit Europe some eight months ago, we've all been forced to make many sacrifices. For some people, living in such an exhausting state for a longer time comes at a huge cost, so we become apathetic, demotivated and simply exhausted. According to WHO, recent studies show that this condition is increasing. And while the level of fatigue is tested in different ways, and different countries have different standards, estimates suggest that the current level is in some cases as high as 60% of the population. Of course, it was to be expected, because it was inevitable when introducing a sanitary regime, but according to the World Health Organization, everything should be done to find the strength to fight a pandemic that continues. Suffice it to mention that in recent weeks we have heard about an average of 266,000 infected and 3.8 thousand people dying from Covid-19 a day (today, unfortunately, we have a double infamous record in Poland, i.e. over 3,000 infections and 70 deaths). Moreover, many doctors estimate that if social behavior does not change, these numbers will be many times higher, instead of falling.

Nobel Prize Winner: In 30 years, humanity will discover extraterrestrial life

At least that's what Didier Queloz of the University of Geneva, last year's Nobel laureate, says. Together with a colleague, they discovered the first extrasolar planet orbiting a sun-like star. Their research contributed to the acceleration of work on the development of technologies and systems that have so far resulted in the discovery of thousands of alien worlds.