A new film with a member of a wild tribe living without contact with civilization

Scientists from the FUNAI organization quite accidentally managed to capture the film of one of the representatives of a wild tribe that remained for centuries without contact with civilization. Unfortunately, soon the tribe will disappear.

The researchers knew about the existence of the Awa people for a long time, but many groups never revealed themselves and did not interact with civilization because they did not want to turn their world upside down. Scientists, from time to time, intend to observe it and protect it from the outside world, thanks to that they will expand our knowledge of wild tribes.

It will not be a simple task, because the massive stretch of the Amazon forests is progressing faster and faster. Soon such tribes will have nowhere to hide. It is because of the devastating economy that the natives do not want to have anything to do with the rest of humanity and try as soon as they can separate from us and live in the way their ancestors have done for centuries.

“They never had contact with anyone. We do not know anything about the language they use, but if we know it, they will have problems “…” They are aware of our world, but they know very little about it and do not want to know too much. All they need to do is see what we do with nature, “remarked Jose Carlos Meirelles, an expert on the indigenous population of Brazil.

The natives deal with the cultivation of bananas, sweet potatoes, peanuts and fishing on a daily basis. The man immortalized in the film comes from a tribe that is unknown to scientists. His observations showed that he is now living on his own. Representatives of the Brazilian National Foundation for Indians (FUNAI) are preparing a large list of wild tribes inhabiting Amazon.

The Survival International organization collected and analyzed data from aerial photographs, from travelers and representatives of discovered tribes, and estimated that in the tropical zone of the entire planet, there could still be 300 undiscovered nomadic groups.

According to the organization, most of these tribes have some knowledge about the outside world, because they are in constant contact with other peoples and thanks to that exchange information, but despite this fact they live their lives until the first contact. Their isolation is mainly due to bad experiences and not very nice information about people from outside.

It is estimated that in the next 20 years all wild tribes will be discovered, because more and more often protected areas in which these people are found are extensively explored by gold diggers, oil companies, companies looking for rubber, miners, poachers and ordinary farmers .

Survival International, based on the knowledge derived from conversations with members of discovered tribes, points out that most of them, after contact with the outside world, do not want to return to the previous way of life.