Amazon robots will spend 700 million dollars to prepare people to work with robots

In the context of this American giant, we most often hear about the problems related to working conditions in its logistics and warehousing centers, which are considered very difficult and often cause controversy.

Today, however, we learn that Amazon intends to additionally train 100,000 employees so that they can cope better with working in an automated environment. The American company has allocated a huge amount of 700 million dollars for this purpose, and the program will last until 2025. All this so that employees find themselves in their workplace, when in a few years it will completely change, because a lot of duties will be taken over by robots and machines.

It should be noted here that 100,000 people are almost one third of all employees employed by the company, so we are talking about broad plans. A quick account also allows us to note that 7,000 dollars will be allocated to each employee, a phenomenon rarely seen in this sector. The initiative will include both technical employees and other departments of the company, such as stores, transport network, customer service and many more.

Interestingly, Amazon wants to train people who want to work outside the company later and offer them 95% of the cost of obtaining a certificate or diploma that better suits their predisposition and skills. In addition, employees can also count on paid vacation days to participate in the Amazon Technical Academy, where they will gain new skills. Does the Amazon’s authorities really change their approach to employees, or maybe it is just a poor attempt to improve the image, which, as we mentioned, is regularly torn apart by subsequent stories about disastrous working conditions?

It is difficult to assess and we will probably see for some time, but one thing is certain – we all have to prepare for the fact that in a few years the employment landscape will look completely different than today. It is true that a lot of time will pass before most of the work will be done by robots, but the automation process is proceeding at a rapid pace and we must learn to work in this completely new environment. In addition, it must be taken into account that the unemployment rate in many countries is falling and this is also happening in the United States, so to gain talented employees, you must offer them much more than before.