Astronomy Elon Musk announced that Starship will land on the moon in 2021

The prototype tests of the ship have been going on in two SpaceX centers for several months, but none of them have gone into space yet. However, Musk announces that in 2 years his private company will be the first in history to win the Silver Globe.

The natural satellite of our planet has been explored so far by several countries such as The United States, Russia, China and India, but never in private history did this private company. It was to become her Israeli SpaceIL, but the Beresheet lander crashed on the surface of the Moon and the mission ended in a great defeat.

Elon Musk intends to use this situation. He announced that his most powerful rocket in the history of mankind, called the SuperHeavy and Starship ship will set off on a mission to the moon in two years. Most likely, this year two lunar missions will take place. One will be a flight around the Starship Silver Globe, on board which will be Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese artist and billionaire, and the other will be landing on the surface of the vehicle without a crew on board.

The head of SpaceX believes that a manned mission to the moon is possible in 2023, which is one year before the planned arrival of US astronauts as part of the NASA program Artemis. Let us remind you that the flight would be a new rocket called the Space Launch System, and the woman would be the first man in the 21st century to come out on the surface.

Musk also admitted that he would like NASA, however, to take advantage of the flight of astronauts to the moon aboard his rocket and spacecraft, but NASA is resistant. Therefore, he intends to land there before the mission of NASA and show her and the entire US government that we live in such times, and the private space industry is already developed at such a high level that a private company can easily perform such spectacular and historic feats.

The billionaire and his people have even more interesting plans. Currently, they are negotiating at least three companies for the first Starship ship. The plans are extremely ambitious. Starship is not only supposed to deliver cargo to Earth’s orbit, but also to enable super-fast travel between the largest cities on our planet even 1000 people for the price of a ticket from 500 dollars. The ship and the rocket are to be so functional and cheap in operation that their starts will take place almost every day. Of course, it will be possible if they have to carry out some missions for the needs of private companies.

Muska’s plans and visions are happy and give hope for the return of people to the moon and remain there permanently, but being aware that the billionaire is known for his bold visions and deadlines, we can safely assume that we will have to wait an extra few years to carry out his plans. . The more so it is certain that the company has problems with the manned Dragon ship, and a few days ago there was an unexpected outbreak during the Raptor engine test in one of the Starship ship prototypes.