Astronomy NASA detected on Mars and captured the Curiosity robot on the photo

Already next year, a journey into the Red Planet will lead to a new rover and the first ever drone from NASA, which, as part of the Mars 2020 mission, will search for traces of life on this mysterious and inhospitable planet.

Meanwhile, this planet is still being explored by the Curiosity rover, where even the biggest adversities are not afraid. Astronomers from NASA decided to immobilize the rover in the latest image from orbit, to better understand the surroundings of the machine, and plan its further research route.

The rover is located in an area called Woodland Bay. It’s part of Mount Sharp, or the mountains in the Gale crater. The mountain range is nearly 5 kilometers high, so it will take Curiosity for the next many months to overcome it. Scientists set the rover the most geologically interesting route to be able to carry out as much as possible of important research and gain valuable data.

NASA has published photos on which we can see Curiosity. The painting was made by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on May 31, 2019. We can see the rover itself and its immediate surroundings on it. The device is visible as a large blue dot. To the north of it stretches the area of ​​the ridge of Vera Rubin, which the rover has been exploring in recent years.

The NASA satellite detected on Mars and captured the Curiosity robot in the photo. Fig. NASA.

The Clay-Bearing Unit is the next mission objective. It is rich in clay minerals, the exploration of which may allow us to get to know the geological past of the planet, and with this to answer the question of whether there were rivers in the past and whether there were any forms of biological life.