Drivers from around the world speak strongly not autonomous cars

Ipsos has just published new research on the global market, which clearly and bluntly indicates that drivers are not yet ready to hand the rudders into the hands of artificial intelligence algorithms.

Although autonomous cars have been a very hot topic in recent years and we are literally hearing something new about them, it seems that the creators themselves are more excited than potential customers. At least, this is the result of a survey conducted on over 20,000 drivers buying new cars in over 10 different countries, who unanimously admit that they want to drive their vehicles and are not interested in giving away the AI ​​steering wheel tech guides.

According to Todd Markusic, VP of Ipsos Mobility: – Research confirms that buyers of new cars are not ready to give responsibility to their car, even on short distances or for a short time. The key and probably the biggest sensation is the result around 70%. So many tested drivers just enjoy driving.

What’s more, by the way, we learn that the biggest concern of drivers is whether autonomous cars are safe for pedestrians and other cars. 44% of respondents declare that even if they gave the steering wheel of artificial intelligence, they would still focus on the road independently, not trusting this solution and independently controlling events. Some people also point out that they would not feel safe knowing that the car system can be hacked and thus lead to an accident.

In addition, only 15% of global buyers are at all interested in the functionality of autonomous driving, and only 10% of Americans had the opportunity to experience this type of autonomy at all, even to a limited extent, such as parking cars themselves, although more than half of the respondents declare that they are aware the existence of such systems. According to Ipsos, convincing drivers of autonomous vehicles will take much more time than expected: – The approach of consumers will have to be changed significantly, because they do not trust autonomous cars, and the only option is to let them experience it on their own skin.

What else do we learn from the research? Only 6% of buyers from around the world would opt for a fully autonomous car if such a car was available, but 57% would consider this option if the car had the possibility of traditional driving. Instead, drivers are more interested in new technologies that improve safety and help avoid accidents such as collision detection or automatic braking.