End of preparations for the first mysterious Zone 51 assault in history

In July, social networking sites received information about a planned assault on the famous Area 51 in Nevada, where fans of conspiracy theories believe that the US military is hiding aliens and their flying vehicles.

2 million people were to participate in this event. The organizers encouraged to join and learn the secret of this world’s most protected base. They wrote on social networks to the authorities that “You can’t stop us all, we will see these aliens.”

A few days later, the Pentagon reported that the army was ready to attack and, if needed, would use a lethal weapon to repel it. A spokeswoman for the US Air Force (USAF) assured that the Pentagon constantly monitors developments and will defend the base because it is a training and experimental area, so it is strictly confidential.

Now we find out that 10 days before the planned assault of Zone 51, the organizers withdrew from the whole action. Earlier, Facebook blocked the event profile, considering it not to comply with the regulations. The organizers received a warning from the service and police authorities that all the action is illegal and threatens the security of the state top technology guides.

Mathew Roberts, the main originator of the assault on Zone 51, first announced that the gathering of enthusiasts of foreign civilizations called Alienstock will not really be an assault, but a festival that will take place in Rachel. However, he eventually gave up organizing it because he was unable to comprehend it logistically.

The entire base area and the surrounding area is a desert with extreme temperatures and no free access to water. Ensuring the safety and access to food and water for 2 million people is an insurmountable challenge, neither for him nor for the nearby tourist hotels. And it is good that eventually it happened, because the whole congress could end tragically for many people.