Great background scandal with Google. A company accused of manipulating search results

American giants have not been light lately, but it looks like they themselves are guilty. This time, it’s not about Facebook, but Google, which has a big problem with one of its former employees.

US President Donald Trump accused Google of manipulating votes during the 2016 election by attempting to block conservative sites and excluding voices that did not match liberal narrative, but as usual refused to give the source of these revelations. It did not take long, however, to find out where they might come from, because Leo Brent Bozell, the conservative founder of the Media Research Center, published a letter on the web that Google CEO Sundar Pichai gave him in which he asks the company to comment on documents disclosed to Project Veritas by a former Google employee.

It is Zachary Vorhies, because we are talking about him here, informed about the electoral manipulation and political bias of the American giant, publishing documents concerning, among others censorship, fake news, politics and machine learning. During an interview with Project Veritas, the man also confessed that Google wanted “

The letter that the mentioned Leo Brent Bozell from the Media Research Center sent to Google, was signed by nearly 40 representatives of various organizations and presented to senators, so the American giant will eventually have to speak on the case. Although the company acts as a publisher, that is, it has the ability to freely edit content or select them for its own search engine when users search for specific information, it does not look good in the context of current public moods.

Zachary Vorhies also assures that it was not an easy decision for him and it took him years to make it, because on the one hand he worked in a well-paid position with an annual salary of 260 thousand dollars, so he did not have to worry about his future, but on the other he admitted that at some point he could no longer live with the fact that he was involved in such a procedure. By the way, he claims that he wants to settle the whole matter properly, which is why he has already sent relevant documents to the Ministry of Justice.

Interestingly, Vorhies revealed that all his documents and lists of blocked websites are available on the company’s internal servers for every full-time employee, and just search for them. As for the latter, according to the man when searching from the level of an Android mobile device, they are not taken into account by the search engine at all, about such popular websites as or, as well as,, mediamatters or (but you have to take into account the fact that it is not known how old these lists are and whether are still working).