It’s time for electric planes. In the US they will fly like that in three years. Here’s one of them

The regional airlines of Cape Air from Massachusetts decided to be the first in the United States to offer its customers flights across the country with fully electric and environmental aircraft of the future.

We’re talking about airplanes called Alice, which were designed and built by the Israeli company Eviation. It is currently the largest fully electric passenger plane in the world. It can take 8 passengers, 2 pilots and 2 crew members on its board, and then take them on a journey with speeds up to 450 km / h, up to 1050 kilometers.

Alice is 12.2 meters long and has a wingspan of 16.12 meters. Efficient 900 kWh batteries from the South Korean Kokam Battery have been installed in two engines on the edges of the wings. Each of the three engines called MagniX has a power of 350 hp. The machine’s take-off mass is 6.35 tons. Batteries for three motors make up about one third of the machine’s takeoff weight.

The Eviation company presented its final prototype during the last Paris Air Show 2019. At the moment, the Israelis are trying to certify Alice at the American Federal Aviation Agency (FAA). In fact, the machine will get it without any problems, but the carrier needs about 2 years to test the machine and implement it for service. So in early 2023, we can expect the first flights of fully electric aircraft over the United States.

Cape Air has ordered a total of several dozen machines and will soon be paving the way for these machines of the future that will direct the aviation industry to the ecological track. Interestingly, both Boeing, Airbus and NASA are intensively working on the first large fully electric passenger plane on a global scale. The interest in this type of eco-planes is also Elon Musk, the founder of the Tesla company (see here).