Mobile Galaxy Fold with a new date of debut and … another “squad” in Samsung’s offer

It seems that after the controversy related to the test copies of the first smartphone of the Korean manufacturer with a flexible folding display, the device will finally hit the market.

Galaxy Fold was supposed to debut a few months ago, but when it turned out that although the testers enthusiastically approach the smartphone, this one has a huge problem with the decaying display, which is here a key element, Samsung decided to decide on the only right move, namely postponing the premiere in time. Interestingly, Huawei with Mate X also decided to take a similar step, but instead of taking advantage of the opportunity, they also got into the shade and calmly refine their equipment – their future problems could be difficult to overcome.

Originally, we did not get to know the new date of Galaxy Fold’s debut, but everything indicates that we will get it at the end of July. However, it is worth remembering that after difficult beginnings, the manufacturer may want to limit the availability of unlucky smartphone and deliver it to the market only in a limited amount, and then focus on the next generation, which will not be burdened with unfavorable opinions or completely different model using similar technology.

It looks like we will be dealing with this second scenario, because the latest leaks suggest that Koreans are working on a vertical folding smartphone that will resemble flip phones. This is to be equipped with a 6.7-inch OLED main panel, and after placing at our disposal will be also provided an additional, 1-inch for displaying notifications. In this arrangement, we will have to deal with a smartphone with a more classic size, which is also to be priced sensibly than Galaxy Fold and hit the market next year.

Will this time avoid a breakdown? There is a big chance for this, because the first part of the activity can be done without folding the smartphone, and besides at a vertical layout, the bending line will be much shorter, which can be very important. All this is to make that the price of the smartphone will drop significantly and will be much more affordable than $ 2,000 for Galaxy Fold. Either way, it’s still leaks and until the manufacturer decides to release the official, we can not be sure if the smartphone will go on sale at all.