Mobile Huawei laughs with Google. The HongMeng system is faster than Android

We all know that in the face of American sanctions on Chinese Huawei, which result in a ban on use in Android smartphones, this company has been working on its mobile device system for some time.

The first rumors were that the system will be ready this autumn, but now it turns out that work on it has so accelerated, probably with government support, that it can be first shown between 9 and 11 July at a technology conference that will be took place in the city of Dongguan in China.

Ren Huangei CEO Ren Zhengfei revealed that the system created by his engineers is much faster not only from iOS, but also Android and is sure that he will appeal to users of mobile devices, and even tempted to say that HongMeng can conquer the world and break through the popularity of Apple and Google.

The system is currently being tested on the latest devices in the Mate 30 series. Zhengfei added that his software can successfully operate on both smartphones and Internet of Things devices, in cars, tablets, switches, routers, laptops, desktops and data centers. This means HongMeng is to be much more flexible and practical than Android and iOS.

As it will be in reality, we will see in a few days. On the occasion of the topic about Android, it is worth mentioning that Google apparently notices the upcoming threat from China and is accelerating its work on the successor of Android, namely Fuchsia OS. A few days ago there was information about the official registration of the domain and about the offer of a new developer support site.