NASA is building manned vehicles for the exploration of the Silver Globe and the Red Planet

The agency does not lose valuable time, because the image of the USA in the world is at stake. The Artemis program, under which humanity is to return to the Moon, already in 2024 is to result in the construction of the first colonies there.

The exploration of the surface of the planet’s natural satellite is to be carried out using the most innovative and advanced technologies that only humanity has created. Engineers from NASA have long had their visions for this breakneck task, and one of the results of their work is the design of a new, large manned rover.

As the surface of the Moon and Mars is strewn with rocks, rocks and craters bathed in dust, the best way to mix up on it will be a special vehicle, which will not be horrified by such inhospitable and extreme conditions. According to the NASA plan, it is to be a space camper. Astronauts will have at their disposal all necessary tools, equipment, supplies and accommodation.

The manned rover is also supposed to be home to advanced robots that will not only support the work done by astronauts, but also carry out their mission on the surface for research purposes. In the Apollo missions, the astronauts moved on the Moon in fairly simple rovers. Now that intensive exploration and preparation for the construction of the first bases are at stake, the vehicles must meet much higher requirements.