Sport Time for racing sports flying taxis. “Extreme sensations are getting ready”

There are already sports drone races. Every year, they are becoming more and more popular, due to technological progress. But you have to go with the spirit of time, so now it’s time for the racing of manned flying cabs.

These types of flying vehicles are to improve transport in metropolises, but they can equally well be a source of great experience for fans of extreme sports and spectators from around the world. Airspeeder has just announced that it intends to create a series of races of such VTOL electric machines this year. The company promises to wait for what you can see at the first film trailer.

10 recent machines called Mk IV Airspeeder will take part in the races. It must be stressed here that these are manned vehicles, not drones, so the organizers must ensure full safety for both pilots and spectators. That’s why flying sports taxis will be able to lift up to 20 meters above the ground.

Airspeeder has prepared some interesting competition, during which the pilots will be able to test their skills and face one-on-one matches. The company does not hide that it will not be a spectacle as far as Formula 1 racing, but over time this new extreme sport will definitely win many fans around the world.

However, the most important thing for the company is that Airspeeder races will drive competition and accelerate the development of drone technology and VTOL machines. This means that the vision of electric sky taxis and passenger planes will be completed much more quickly, as technologies tested in the battle can be quickly used in civilian machines.