The clothed air conditioning from Sony will be available in the spring of next year

A few days ago we informed you about a very interesting project of a Japanese company that wants to build a mobile, worn on the body, air conditioner. Now we know that such a device will be made and will go on sale.

Sony has prepared a portable air-conditioning project that you can use when you have to go outside and you can not enjoy a pleasant chill in your home, office or car. Speaking of Reon Pocket, a small device that we put in the right place in the T-shirt, to enjoy outdoor air conditioning. The idea came to First Flight, a Sony crowdfunding platform, where fans are looking to finance its implementation.

It is worth noting that it does not work on the basis of classical air conditioning, but rather uses the Peltier effect, a thermoelectric effect in solid objects, consisting in the separation or absorption of energy under the influence of electric current through the connector. As a result of absorbing energy on one connector and extracting energy on the other, a temperature difference arises between connectors – this is our cooling (or heating effect, because this option is also), without any sound, thanks to which we will stop looking like we just visited the sauna.

However, we adapt the temperature manually, through the mobile application, but Sony will build a more advanced version of the device, which will be equipped with an automatic mode. Unfortunately, there is also a small catch, because for now the device is able to operate on the battery for about 2 hours, so it will require regular charging via a USB type-C socket. And if we take into account that charging also has two hours, it’s our portable air conditioning will be more useful for short trips from home than for a day out.

Anyway, at the time of writing this article, Reon Pocket already has 104% of the target, i.e. it was funded, so apparently many people were tempted by the vision of the next summer without the bitter heat. If you like it too, you can still add your $ 117 (see here), because portable air conditioning was priced enough, but the word of the next summer, it was not accidental, because deliveries are planned for March next year.