The latest discovery is a revolution in the world of electronic devices

A device was created at Georgia Institute of Technology that can stop a mechanical wave without losing energy top web tutorials. Scientists talk about the progress in building quantum computers as well as optical processors and memory.

During the experiments carried out, according to a new technique called Coherent Virtual Absorption, it was possible to stop, and without energy losses, a mechanical wave in a carbon steel rod, and then release it in the selected direction. The device with which this was done can be seen in the graphic below. It is not too complicated, but it has amazing possibilities.

In the middle of it is a waveguide with a recess. It is made of carbon steel. Side channels are connected to it. Scientists explain that two servomotors excite the mechanical wave in it. They are made of piezoelectric material and are placed on two ends of the device. The invention generated two mechanical waves, and the cavity retained energy and then released it in the selected direction.

The optical communication systems used until now were based on the technique of absorption or reflection of light waves. In the first, mechanical energy turns into heat, and in the second it is dissipated. In both cases, energy losses occur. Meanwhile, the invention of Americans allows lossless storage, release and control of waves.

A device that can stop a mechanical wave without wasting energy. Fig. Georgia Institute of Technology.

Interestingly, researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology emphasize that their innovative device can be used not only in the case of mechanical, but also electromagnetic waves. Experts in the electronics industry want to use the invention to produce more efficient optical processors and memory, and will also help in the development of quantum computers.