The lifestyle of September 20 is to take place a huge attack on Zone 51, where UFO ships are located

Area 51 is one of the most mysterious and closely guarded military facilities in the world. Many conspiracy theorists are convinced that aliens and flying saucers are being held in the base.

Already on September 20, we have to know the whole truth about this object. Then, hundreds of thousands of people, banded on social networking sites, are to meet near the base and carry out a mass attack on it. “You will not stop us all, we will see these aliens,” the organizers of the event wrote. Many people associated with UFO themes and secret projects of the American army expressed their willingness to participate in this action.

If there are 400,000 people on the spot, the military will not be able to cope with such a crowd. The base itself and its boundaries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, are closely watched and guarded by dozens of specially trained people.

The Area 51 border runs through desert areas, where you can not not be unnoticed by the police and security. Virtually every patrol has a patrol equipped with deadly weapons. On the border of the base there are numerous warnings about not approaching or prohibiting entry. Failure to comply with the rules may end in death for an indomitable seeker of space adventures.

Although the whole action is a joke, the authorities are planning to prepare for it. I wonder how many people will actually appear under Zone 51, and if they appear, will they manage to reach the most important objects lying on the Groom lake ?! It’s hard to say, everything will become clear on September 20.

It is certain that the greatest secrets are hidden in objects located deep underground. On the surface there is the world’s largest runway and many objects, which can be seen in satellite images, but their purpose is related to tests of military vehicles, such as the latest bombers, drones and fighters, not space ships. In fact, these technologies of the future are created in underground laboratories, so nothing interesting for an ordinary bread eater.