“The Lion King 2”: It could go on like this

After the mega success of “The Lion King”, a sequel seems logical. But what could happen in it? An already very successful sequel could be the template…

“The Lion King” from 2019 largely follows the story of the original. So, if there’s a sequel, why not follow the first sequel to the 1994 animated classic? “The Lion King 2 – Simba’s Kingdom” has at least one big advantage over most direct-to-video sequels of the Disney classics: It’s a pretty decent movie that has many followers in the fanbase. They also made sure that “The Lion King 2” in 1998/1999 was the most successful video release to date and was even brought to the movies in some countries. Watch old Lion King version and the newest movie on FMOVIES.


In “The Lion King 2,” Simba and Nala rule together and raise their daughter Kiara, where Simba is a similarly austere but benevolent father as Mufasa once was to him. On an outing Kiara one day gets to know the lion cub Kovu , with which she gets into a dangerous situation.

Kovu’s mother Zira, who was once part of Scar’s entourage, wants to take advantage of the fact that the Lion-children understand each other well. She manipulates her son into further education to hate Simba . When he grows up, she makes sure that he can rescue Kiara from a tough situation. Kovu claims that he was rejected by his mother and her pack so Simba takes him in. His goal is to gain the confidence of the Lion King and then kill him. But he falls in love with Kiara…


While the story is not particularly spectacular (and has some parallels with the “Aladdin” sect “Dschafar’s Return ” released a few years earlier ), “Simba’s Kingdom” is a decent, quite exciting movie with a lot of heart. Since you can build on it for a sequel, just need to expand a few scenes, here and there give a little more meat on the bones. That Scar’s injured pack around Zira in the first part did not matter is no problem. That did not bother anyone in animated films.

But the important thing is: For the sequel to the 2019 film by Jon Favreau would have a new soundtrack ago. That is really weak in “Simba Kingdom”. Here Disney made the biggest savings at that time, which is also noticeable. With a budding budget budget, of course, there’s hope that you can get big names like Hans Zimmer, Elton John, or Pharrell Williams, who are already working on Favreau’s movie. Then Disney could finally create a momentum of completely new songs, which might even become classics instead of destroying the well-known melodies just something. And with the appropriate success there would be even the template for a third part …


Finally, the reference to a well-known misunderstanding around “The Lion King 2: Simbas Kingdom”. Relatively often Kovu is referred to as Scars son. That is wrong. In an early script version, he was really still the son of the villain from “The Lion King”. But then it dawned on the Disney writers that it might be too obviously incestuous for Kiara to strap on with her great-uncle’s son. Therefore, this detail has been changed.

So, while being sensitive to an incest story in the Lion Kingdom, this problem awareness does not exist elsewhere. But this is another story…

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