Thieves use deepfakes to steal. Millions of dollars dissolve in the air

Although this technology from the very beginning seemed extremely fascinating, it was easy to guess that it will also have its dark sides and it is not about using it in the porn industry.

Deepfake has recently enjoyed such popularity that literally every few days a new viral created with his participation appears on the web. What’s more, almost anyone can already use this technology, generating convincing video or audio material, because you just need to download to your smartphone very easy to use software. And as it turns out, this is a ready scenario for a catastrophe, because people who are not quite on the way with the law, or more specifically thieves, have decided to take advantage of the new possibilities.

Last week, we heard that the CEO of one of the British energy supply companies was thus persuaded to transfer a sum of EUR 200,000 to a Hungarian contractor – the man was convinced that the order was given to him by his immediate supervisor, because the thief had such skill manipulated audio recording. The situation was confirmed by the company insuring the injured concern, Euler Hermes Group SA: – The software was able to faithfully imitate the voice and not only its timbre, but also its tone, punctuation and German accent.

In addition to the conversation, the employee also received an appropriate email and did not even expect that something might be wrong. So he carried out the order of the “boss” and within a hour ordered a transfer – the thief just waited for it, the money was quickly transferred from a Hungarian account to Mexican, and then literally dissolved in the air. Interestingly enough, the criminal’s greedy knew no bounds and in a short time the employee of the company got another phone call, this time with the information that the transfer was undone and should be made again, and then one more.

Then the man began to suspect something and did not comply with the instructions, at the same time making a phone call to the boss and describing the whole situation – unfortunately at this point it was too late to do anything. Interestingly, this is probably not an isolated case and, as suggested by Symantec, who deals with cybersecurity in an interview with Post, they are already dealing with 3 such cases, and in one of them losses amount to millions of dollars. In short, along with the development of artificial intelligence in this area, criminals got their hands on a ready-made tool and are increasingly willing to use it, and we should be very careful, just wait until we hear about similar thefts, only from our bank accounts slick tips.