Tons of new pictures to The Witcher They tell us about the Netflix series

Tons of new pictures to “The Witcher”: They tell us about the Netflix series

Netflix has released again a big swing Pictures of “The Witcher”, reveal the wealth of new information about the plot and sequence of hotly anticipated fantasy series with Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia.

Two trailer has been released to “The Witcher” Netflix, but really much about the plot, we do not know it. Instead, there are impressions of magical places, scary monsters and impressive battles and this ominous geraunte dialogue fragments.

But at least the scene pictures published on “The Witcher” allowed a number of conclusions about the action and the course of history. For these are provided with the respective episode number, illustrating the interaction with those shown on figures and events, at least in broad terms, what exactly happens in the episodes.

Attention, followed by potential spoilers.

Attention, followed by potential spoilers.

Episode 1: The Butcher of Blaviken / invasion of Cintra

Most images (and therefore also the most information) there are first episode. This is – this much is already clear – in part an adaptation of the short story “The Lesser Evil”.

It comes Geralt of Riva (Henry Cavill) with a killed Kikimora, an insect-like monster in the city Blaviken, there to get a reward for it. But remembered he encounters with rejection and hatred and he is involved in the conflict between magicians Stregobor (Lars Mikkelsen) and the bandit princess Renfri (Emma Appleton). We will not reveal more, only this: By the end of the story, he earned the nickname “The Butcher of Blaviken”.

Presumably parallel thereto is apparently introduced elsewhere, the second main body: Ciri (Freya Allen). During the first episode, we see probably the Battle of Marnadral between troops from Cintra, the Kingdom of Ciris grandmother Calanthe (Jodhi May), and the invaders from Nilfgaard.

After the victory of the army of Nilfgaard Cintra is besieged and destroyed, but Ciri achieved with the help of some knights to escape from the chaos of the burning city.

2. Result: Ciri on the run

The second episode accompanied then obviously Ciri when they fled after she escaped from Cintra. It verschl├Ągt inter alia, in a forest and into a kind of refugee camp. Similarly, Ciris escape also contributes to the books.

3. Result: Geralt & Striga / Yennefers past

In the third episode Geralt should again play an important role, but we’re pretty sure that he will also appear in the second episode. Episode 3 then clearly shows an event that should occur both connoisseurs of books known and the Games: the fight against Striga.

It is actually Princess Adda, born of an incestuous relationship daughter of King Foltest Temeria who is reborn after her death because of a curse as a monster. Geralt fights the Striga and can finally break the curse.

At the same time Ciris flight goes in Episode 3 but apparently on and we learn more about the past of the third main character Yennefer (Anya Chalotra). These increases resulted in 3 namely not only at a ceremony in part, but we see them – apparently in a flashback – in a conversation with Istredd (Royce Pierreson).

Which is in the books a magician and rival of Geralt to Yennefers favor. In the series, perhaps he also plays a role in Yennefers transformation. This was in fact apparently born with a malformed face (in the books with a hump), which they later corrected by magic.

4. Follow-up: Geralt and Ciri / Yennefer & Kalis

In the fourth part we finally learn why Ciri is so important at all and what is their connection with Geralt. It is in fact the unexpected child with whom Geralt according to the custom of the Law of surprise is connected. Geralt once saved Ciris father’s life and demanded a reward, “something he has, but now none of that yet know” – his unborn daughter Ciri.

How exactly Geralt Ciris saves father Urcheon (Bart Edwards) and how Ciris mother Pavetta (Gaia Mondadori) related to it, by the way, turn a child is unexpected, we will probably find out in Episode 4 in a flashback.

At the same time, we will probably see in Episode 4, as Yennefer Queen Kalis accompanied by Lyrien (Isobel Laidler) in a carriage that is attacked. Yennefer protected Kalis and her newborn baby. Whether it also is a flashback and play in what order these events is not entirely clear, because the sequence numbers of the pictures are contradictory.

Episode 5: Yennefer

To Episode 5 there are only two images that show both Yennefer. On one of them it does business (?) Full of sand clocks, on the other hand, we see it in a not exactly recognizable place. What does it exactly with the two images to be, unfortunately, can not be said VIPMOVIES.

“The Witcher” will provided for viewing on December 20, 2019. Netflix. At least then we will know whether we had with our forecast for the end of the first season right.

“The Witcher” will provided for viewing on December 20, 2019. Netflix.