Top 9 Free Streaming Sites for Movies and Series

Today, if you are looking for sites to watch movies online I have brought you more famous streaming sites that offer the same service and you have the freedom to choose between them. The big list of top free streaming sites.

But we come to the problem faced by most browsers of this type of sites, which is the large number of annoying ads such as any free movies site. It uses ads for profit, so if you want to browse the site without disturbing the ads, download one of the add-ons blocking the ads for browsers. Which are usually free and some of them are paid.

We will show you the 9 best free Streaming sites to watch movies and TV shows in English or with subtitles for free. Because it is still more pleasant to be able to follow his favorite series without needing to read the subtitles or having to follow it in English for those who do not understand perfectly this language. Unfortunately, not all movies and series are in English, but you will still find a lot of them.

Do not want to take the risk of downloading a movie or not want to wait, so enjoy watching them directly online on these various free streaming sites like 123movies. But not always easy to find a free and reliable streaming site to watch series and movies without having to spend hours searching the internet. Also discover which are the best free sports streaming sites. And it’s even harder when you want to watch streaming shows or movies in English or subtitled versions.

Looking for the best Free Streaming site to see full movies and TV series in HD?

Then discover which are the best Streaming sites of the moment. So in order to avoid you getting your head. Here is our list of the best free streaming sites to watch thousands of movies and series during your evenings. Warning some Streaming sites may get blocked. But in the meantime here are the 9 best free streaming sites:

  1. SolarMovie If you want to watch new foreign films, SolarMovie is the site that you should always visit first to watch the newly added movies and series in english language and foreign. As it is one of the first sites that provide it. Is available in particular, SolarMovie many of the latest revelation of diverse films. Action movies, Comedy Movies, Movies Animation, Hindi Movies, Movies Dubbed, European movies, etc… ) and serials of foreign translated or with subtitles. Available with high quality and accuracy for watching online and even downloading. You can watch online there also foreign series, popular TV shows

    SolarMovie is easy to use and has a quick search option.
  2. Yesmovies – Yesmovies – beautiful and distinctive site allow you to watch online many movies and series in various genres. It makes Yesmovies one of the most popular streaming sites. The site has a number of options to filter the movies as you want. You can choose the genre you want like horror movies and then choose the name of the movie or series. And then the site offers you the option of viewing on more than one server depending on the speed of your Internet sometimes or according to the quality available. The catalog is also regularly updated with new movies and episodes. There are also series in good quality, and it is not necessary to register.
  3. Vipmovies – Indeed, this free streaming site remains one of the first sites to offer free viewing of movies and videos on the web. Despite its seniority, Vipmovies still seems to stay the course and appear in the ranking of the best free streaming sites on the Internet . If you are looking for movies or series that have HD quality you are sure to find them on the Vipmovies website. Films of all kinds, classic and trendy are also widely available on the site.
  4. 123Movies – Another great website from our list of top free streaming sites 2019. 123movies remains one of the few streaming sites to offer a very light interface and really refined. As a result, searches in the catalog as well as views on the portal are very fluid and much faster compared to the competition. Without forgetting the fact that they remain unlimited and without registration or subscription constraints. Ranked among the best film streaming websites, 123movies holds a wide range of up-to-date movies and series. You can watch them live in HD. Otherwise, it should also be noted that the image quality favored by the site only orbits around HD and 720p. This platform also offers movies for download.
  5. Gomovies – On this completely free streaming site , you will be able to find all the episodes of the series and all the films of your choice with a resolution in full HD. The viewing is unlimited. No matter how much time you spend on this site, you will not pay anything. You do not need a commitment or registration either. You will not need to use a VPN. Otherwise, GOMOVIES is an up-to-date streaming site that will show you all the latest movies and series. You can even find movies and series that have not yet been shown on other competing sites or even shown in cinemas. We can say that this site is one of the hottest streaming sites of the moment.
  6. FMovies – Although it is among the most recent sites that have landed on the web, FMovies has already gained notoriety in the world of international streaming sites. Indeed, it has clearly differentiated with the resolution of the quality of viewing it offers to all users: which goes from CAM to HD. High quality. In addition, this streaming site offers users the ability to share their own movies and series. A free space is dedicated exclusively for this purpose to allow users to participate in a much more active way in the life of their favorite site. As a result, apart from the vast catalog of films, series, classic anime and opus available on the site. You will also be able to see videos brought by the thousands of users who are always on the site.
    movie streaming sites fmovies
    movie streaming sites fmovies
  7. Putlocker – On the site Putlocker you can find series, movies and anime in High Resolution without limits. Everything classified by year of release and by category. The site also allows you to download movies and series. Despite its young age, Putlocker offers a very large selection of films and series. It is updated by the Internet users themselves to enrich the catalog of the site. This participative aspect is very appreciated and the films and series in streaming. Which you will find on the site are of very good qualities.
  8. FreeFmovies – You will have the opportunity to watch recent series and movies streaming for free. The advantage of the site is that it is very well done. And especially very well organized by a category system or by ranking the best available streaming movies or series. This makes it easy to find what you are looking for. On freefmovies you can easily find thousands of free movies without having to spend hours looking for them. So find all the latest releases and the latest box office movies in streaming.
  9. 123movieshub – This site is one of the most popular movie streaming sites, you will find a very large selection of films and series in English or subtitled. 123movieshub also offers the possibility to download movies and series directly. You will also have access to streaming cartoons. They are sorted by category, which makes it easy to navigate, and the site offers a top 10 most watched movies . This gives ideas when one is out of inspiration. Provided with a catalog very well filled and with the latest news. The site offers a large number of films and series streaming in HD without registration. It offers movies and tv series to watch online, available free of charge and with no time limit. The links of the stream provided by the site are quality, actually the content is in HD or 720p. It offers a streamlined navigation, which makes navigation easy. Categorization allows quick access to movies and series that you want to watch.


Finally do not forget that now on YouTube. There you also have access to a large number of series, movies and documentaries for free.

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