Uber tests flying taxis, autonomous cars and delivering food with drones

The biggest impression was undoubtedly made by the announcement of Uber Air – the city’s air network, which (in Texas, Los Angeles and Melbourne) is about to start operations in 2023. Used for this purpose will be electric passenger machines that take off and land vertically like drones, but in the air, they already behave like planes. The first test flights will take place next year and the concept is as follows:

The assumptions are that flying taxis (which will be provided by Uber’s partners) allow you to quickly and efficiently get from point A to point B. Avoiding traffic jams and becoming independent from the delineated land roads is to enable this. On the other hand, the cars will be taken to the airport and then to the destination – the service is to be complete.

During the second day of the Elevate conference, Uber also announced that it is very close to introducing autonomous taxis. She presented the first fully self-tracking Volvo XC90 SUV, which will be the base vehicle for driverless journeys. This is how it looks:

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